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"Ema" Company
 "Ema" Company began its activities in 1996. In july of the same year national assembly accepted the law about holding agrarian reorganization. In July 13 of the same year the President signed an ordinance about the implementation of this law. For control there was established The Goveremental commission in Cabinet Council. The first stage of reorganization were the establishment of Goveremental commison and design of the legal documents.
     The first action was taken in transmission of lots and technics from ex- kolkhoz and sovkhozs to the local habitants of villages and districts.There was created a new consumer of manufacturing the agricultural products of the Republic - Azerbaijan Farmer. The establishment of small farm sectors and the transmission from general manufectering sector to private couldn’t resolve the problem of ration in such a short time. 
     There were difficulties in ensuring with technics (tractors, combines, sprayers, ploughs, ), specially in defence of plants, and so it terminated the activities in the combination of agrotechnology and agrochemistry. But the new one wasn’t found yet. Without modern technology and modern means for protection of plants (fertilization and pesticids) it is impossible to increase productivity and to improve the quality of the product. So, the republic needed the company for importation and sale of modern technology and means for protection of plants. This was my exact reason to establish the company EMA. 
     Today our company has a great rating and popularity among local farmers. The company has these departments - technical, realization, marketing, accountancy and dezinfection service.

1. The area of protection the plants (importation and realization).
• Pesticides( insecticides, fungicids, gerbicids and exc)
• Makro and mikro fertilizing
• Seed
• Seedling

2. Veterinary department
• Veterinary medicine
• Stern and feeding additions
• Mechanical belongings for animal husbandary

3. Irrigation systems
• Sistem of drop irrigation
• Sistem of drop spraying

4. Dezinfection and deratization
• Everyday objects, hotels and objects of general nutriation
• Spraying of cottages and private areas , dezinfection and deratization with the help of American and European technics

5. Agrotechnical service
• Turbo and Boom sprays for spraying areas with drugs.

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