27 iyul 2021

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"PRİNT ART Pluys" LLC - XEROX The Document Centre
The Center of documentation "Print art" is the partner of brand Xerox in Azerbaijan. Our center is primarily a team of talented and experienced professionals, able to solve almost every problem and create products that combine high quality and optimal cost. An integrated approach while working on your order will save your time and money. The products that we offer to our customers are the most diverse and the most essential part is that you can print it in any number of copies.

Color laser printing:
- Design / Print business cards, badges, pamphlets, leaflets, certificates, diplomas
- Design / Print catalogs, brochures on the clip and spring
- Design / Print books in soft and hard covers
- Design / Print Family Albums
- Design / Print personalized greeting cards, wedding invitations, calendars and tickets as well.
Printing on magnetic bases, on tear-resistant foundations, as well as great views of the stickers, etc.

Large-print interior:
- Glossy, semi-gloss, matte posters
- Print Rollups on banners and tear-resistant foundations
- Printing of paintings on canvas
- Printing on vinyl, etc.

- Scan / Copy / processing of any drawings from A4 to A0 and more
- Backup and paged collection of color, white and black documents in PDF.

It is quickly, efficiently and profitably with us!

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