20 aprel 2024

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The directors who have over 15 years’ experience in manufacturing uniforms and company management. Felix Uniform is Azerbaijan based company that is truly committed to its customers. Felix Uniform is supplying safety work wear and PPE to oil, marine and construction sector in Azerbaijan.

Sales team

At Felix Uniform we aim to build long lasting relationships and be reliable and responsive to our customers’ needs. Our dedicated sales team and designers are always happy to help and propose the best option which will meet our customer’s requirements. Satisfied customers continue to provide the strong foundation for the future success of Felix Uniform.

Design and innovation

Our in house embroidery facilities ensure a fast, flexible solution to your personalization requirements. We have the capabilities to crest, print or heatseal on any garments to reflect your company identity.


Felix Uniform emphasize on quality, compatible price and customer service without any compromise. To ensure our commitment to fast delivery, we maintain a large stock of safety work wear and personal protective equipment. By utilizing selected worldwide well-known manufacturers, we ensure the best quality and extremely competitive price on products we supply.

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