27 iyul 2021

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  • AZ 1052, 23B, Ahmad Rajabli str; Minera Business Center 5th floor
    Tel.:  (99412) 480 16 25
    Моb.: (99455) 867 46 45
    E-mail: info@incert.az
    Web: www.incert.az
Inspectorates for supervision for the organization created for the purpose of rendering professional services by the local company of Azerbaijan and independent audit and "INCERT" international Certification.

The "INCERT" company of the international standards existing in Azerbaijan on professional certification and the test tests, specializing in area of engineering audit, inspection, both state, and the private organizations, and also makes rendering services and carries out.

Now from 20 countries about 40 local and cooperation with the international companies which incert in the specified spheres of broad practical experience has.

We offered the services which will meet the requirements of clients, harmonious and we try for providing a sustainable development of the global economy, replaced in improves also experience.

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