27 iyul 2021

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"KSM" Group of Companies

Group KSM, which started its activities in 2006, performs investments in various economic sectors, financial management and intellectual resources, and is engaged in corporate management. "KSM group" includes numerous companies and is one of the largest groups of companies in Azerbaijan. Our company is always in continuous development and brings together such fields as shipping, construction, transport, tourism, sports, etc. Our main goal is the promotion of foreign brands in Azerbaijan and, in turn, the presentation of local brands in the world.

Group KSM represents the company Alfa Caspian Shipping in the field of navigation, Logestic Group, «BQ Trans» and «City Bus» - in the transport sector, «Ramada Hotel & Suites Baku» - in tourism, in sports - Baku fans, in the food sector - Elit Catering, Kono Pizza and Candy Bouquet. From its inception to the present day, the company KSM Group continually strengthens its position in the local and foreign markets. We achieve this through the development of cooperation between companies, the quality of work and productivity. Operation of companies incorporated with KSM Group is based on professionalism, development of new technologies and proper corporate management.

Corporate values:
  • Leadership – we take the lead;
  • Professionalism – we know our trade;
  • Quality – we care about health of future generation today;
  • Financial balance – our benefit is the benefit of our Republic;
  • Innovations – we support new development and progress.
  • Partnership.

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