31 iyul 2021

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TANDEM – is the first and the only company in Azerbaijan, providing a whole range of services in the field of building and development of Customer Service! 


We will help You to create new and develop already existing Call Centre, tune or improve the work of your Front Office, search, train and develop your service staff.

Staff in Customer Service is a basis of all the work. If to recruit the staff correctly, its work will outdo all the expectations. Using our rich work experience with staff in the sphere of Customer Service, we know where from and how to recruit the personnel You need! 

We are ready to recruit professional specialists for Your company: operators, reception, supervisors, managers, technical specialists etc.

What we offer:
  • Conducting effective interview for candidates
  • Evaluation of skills and knowledge
  • Process of creation of staff schedule and Job Descriptions
  • Formation of Operator Groups
  • Effective strategies of customer retention and motivation 
  • Different Models of Development: career advancement and professional development
  • Techniques and methods of conflicts solutions
  • Various forms of education for staff: trainings, tutorship, coaching
  • Elaboration of Service Standards
  • Monitoring work quality of operators, developing the system of indicators of staff’s work quality
  • Setting goals in terms of quality depending on employee’s position
  • Operator’s Certification -  methods of preparation and holding
We are able to distinguish people with necessary skills! 

You will not have to wait long – in TANDEM with You our specialists will quickly and professionally recruit and train employees which are suitable for you. 

Your staff is in reliable hands! 


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