27 iyul 2021

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TANDEM – is the first and the only company in Azerbaijan, providing a whole range of services in the field of building and development of Customer Service! 

We will help You to create new and develop already existing Call Centre, tune or improve the work of your Front Office, search, train and develop your service staff.

If Your clients:

  • Failed to reach You
  • Complain about bad service
  • Stop using Your services
If You:
  • Do not know how to attract new clients and keep old ones
  • Do not know the statistics of Contact Center’s indicators
  • Want to raise motivation of Your staff and reduce “flow” of personnel
  • Want to adjust the feed-back with a client
If Your staff:
  • Failed to serve properly
  • Failed to sell
  • Failed to  work under stress  
  • Failed to solve conflicts and get on with difficult clients
Then it is right time to build qualitative Customer Service in Your company!
Tandem- is the first and the only company in Azerbaijan which provides a whole range of services in the field of building and development of Customer Service!

We know how to organize:

  • We will create a uniform information center for customers of your company
  • Your operators will learn to handle every incoming call, qualitatively and for optimal time
Telesales and Telemarketing:                    
  • Search for new customers
  • Informing permanent customers about new services, actions and discounts
  • Marketing researches ( telephone polls with the aim of learning profile of consumers, study of the competitive environment, measurement of advertisement effectiveness, evaluation of customer satisfaction and loyalty) 
Online Customer Care: 
  • Video and audio calls from site
  • Chat
  • Contacts in social networks
What will  You get?
  • Growth of client database and amount of new customers
  • Decrease of complaints where they are most probable
  • Solution of more complaints
  • Reduction of staff flow
  • Automation of processes and services
  • Automation of personnel’s work 
  • Control of personnel’s work and processes
  • Providing the loyalty of customers by improvement in quality of service
  • Day-and-night availability of the company
  • Increase of call processing quality
  • Preservation of interaction history for each customer
  • Analysis of ambiguous situations, call recording
  • Control of specific events: missed calls, long wait for a response, overload of requests, prolonged calls
  • Simplicity of administration (documentation and qualitative technical support)
  • Implemented mechanisms of resiliency provision
  • Time reduction on search for actual information
  • Possibility to stand out against the background of competitors
So, if You do not know how to organize rationally or improve business-processes in customer service, feel free to contact us! 
Build qualitative Customer Service with us in TANDEM! 

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