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"M - LINE Furniture" Factory
  • AZ 1000, Hokmeli district, Absheron region
    Tel.:  (99412) 555 50 00, 555 55 00
    Fax:  (99412) 555 55 00
    Моb.: (99450) 242 55 00
    E-mail: info@m-line.az
    Web: www.m-line.az

Placement plan - Professional specialists perform a service of composition to your taste and desire. Taking into account your comfort and convenience at build time, they give you advice on how and where to place furniture.

Design - The company has a team of professional designers who have been trained abroad. They make furniture that matches the latest fashion and that fits your taste. Immediately after you confirm your design, we create production drawings and direct them to the production. During the production the author's control is realized.

Installation - Produced furniture models are installed in accordance with the drawings. After testing, they are transferred to the customer. In case of any comments or desire, the company liquidates them as well.

Transportation - Furniture produced by the company is delivered free of charge to your houses. Handling and transportation of furniture is realized by using a specially designed team on motor vehicles, arranged for the transport of furniture.

Cleaning - At the request of the customer, our company carries out cleaning work as well. To save your precious time, we carry out all these works in a very short time and in a very high quality.

Decoration - Decoration of houses, apartments, offices and other facilities is one of the cases requiring a special taste and skill. Specialists of the company "M-Line", possessing expertise in this area will help you in providing such services. Decorative work produced by their delicate taste will be to your taste and the taste of your guests

The plant provides a guarantee for each installed product. Our warranty service is at a distance of only one phone call.

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