27 iyul 2021

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  • АZ1029, 95 Haydar Aliyev ave, International Trade Centre 7th floor
    Tel.:  (99412) 567 00 00 daxili (403), 567 99 88
    Fax:  (99412) 567 99 88
    E-mail: office@bakuclean.az
    Web: www.bakuclean.az

Baku Cleaning Company is the leading and sustainable cleaning company operating in the market and offers different range of cleaning services to the clients. The clients of the company are the private companies, hotels, plazas, big commercial areas, supermarkets and individuals. The high quality of services and responsible work of our professional staff, the modern cleaning equipment and chemical products guarantees our cleaning services to our respectable clients in Baku and surrounding areas.

Baku Cleaning Company offers full specter of services, including not only the traditional cleaning of premises, even the window and facade cleaning, (also with the application of alpinist equipment and techniques), cleaning of carpets, timely garbage disposal, even care after the garden plants and clipping of grass plots. As a rule, staff men can't manage such kind of volume of works at top level, therefore addressing to the specialized company will not economy even your time and funds, also guarantees the quality care after property in a short time of period.

Besides putting things in order on the regular basis, Baku Cleaning Company offers general cleaning after repair with the help of powerful vacuum cleaners, rotor machines and steam generators. We carry out the dry cleaning of the furniture, carpet and upholsters, dry and wet cleaning. We use very modern cleaning materials and fluids, which are not only for putting things in order very fast and quality, also will not affect to your health.

You will enjoy for the results of our work, because we are trying to do our best for the clients and as brief as possible make our job. Flexible price policy and wide range of assortment of possibilities allow us start the very ambitious projects, also the small scale tasks. More than a 3 years we offer to our clients high quality cleaning services for the reasonable prices. The cleaning guarantees our health. Contact with our service managers in order to know what best proposal can make our company today for you.


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