27 iyul 2021

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 HILAL ELECTRIC began its activity in the year of 1985 in Turkey in the electric field and opened its first office in Baku in the year of 1996. Being the leading company in the field of electric products and system solutions in Azerbaijan, HILAL ELECTRIC played a significant role in the development and advancement of electricity industry. The Company added Electronic and Mechanical Products sale and service-installation services in time besides electric products sales services, and in accordance with the demands of the customers and the industry, the Company also advanced and became professional in the field of turnkey project and contracting services.

Besides product sales in the field of electric, electronics and mechanics to the projects of the plants, hospitals, business centers, shopping malls, hotels, houses and offices etc. The Company’s top priority and focus is on the advancement and growing in this field.

The main principle of company is always to hold superior the idea of the ‘satisfaction of the customer”. With these feeling and ideas realizing during sales and after sales customer support organization, the company is dealing with firms and companies recognized all over the world with the high quality of its products and services. The company has got an official distributor rights of the companies such as AKSA, ENEL, SAVIOR in the field of Power Systems, HES, ERSE Cable, SCHNEIDER, LEGRAND, SIEMENS, GEWIS,T-PLAST, ARDIÇ, ONKA, ŞAFAK, FEDERAL, MUTLUSAN, ÇETİNKAYA, HERTZ in field of Electric, BOSH, METABO, STIGA, ROTOWASH, ROTTEST, DEWALT in field of Hand Tools Products-lawn machines and wash products, ALARKO CARRIER , FERROLI, WILO, FIMER, BALTUR, MUNTERS, ATABOYLER, DALGAKIRAN in the field of Heating and Cooling Systems, PHILIPS, CERES, OSRAM in Lighting systems.


Providing the best goods and services in its field following the principle of customer satisfaction and to be known for such qualities.


Offering affordable and quality products and services in line with changing and developing needs and expectations of our customers as well as by taking into consideration the lifestyles and life quality of our customers is the policy of HILAL ELECTRIC. The Company also aims to realize its business objectives as well as its quality objectives.

We provide below services

  • Power Systems (Jeneratör, Regulatör, UPS )
  • Electric Switchgear Equipment
  • Weak Current
  • Heating-Cooling Systems   
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Electric
  • Electronic
  • Mechanical
  • Import and Logistic Services

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