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  • AZ 1000, 3/5, Rasul Rza str.
    Tel.:  (99412) (99412) 498 01 09, 498 68 04, 498 02 04, 493 20 96
    Fax:  (99412) 493 28 58, 498 01 09
    Моb.: (99450) 212 14 14
    E-mail: zakaz@anadolu.az
    Web: www.anadolu.az
 Already more than 16 years in the market of public catering of Azerbaijan exist this mark - mark which has strongly strengthened behind itself image of the most popular restaurant of city. Actually, it is a question not of restaurant, and the whole style that refers to as culture of a meal. The network of restaurants ANADOLU today is a line of places where gather azerbaijanian and visitors of capital to try the refined, tasty and healthy food, to familiarize with the best dishes of east and European cookery. 

    Besides a place where it is possible to satisfy simply famine, name ANADOLU associates today with concept CLUB in which there are business partners and is simple friends. At restaurants ANADOLU it is possible to meet both representatives of a business life of the country, and popular actors, public figures, people of art. All this is reached achieved owing to program carefully developed and put into practice ' ANADOLU - FOR AZERBAIJAN into which enters both extensive charities, and set patronage of arts actions therefore many talented representatives of a modern Azerbaijan society consider mark ANADOLU as the friend, capable to support a necessary minute.

     Faultlessly working system "catering" (delivery of meal to the house and to workplaces) has allowed ANADOLU to become popular restaurant in which, at absence of time, it is not obligatory to go most but which on first your call itself will come to you with the refined and qualitative cuisine.

     The system of orders first in Azerbaijan on delivery of meal through a network the Internet owing to what users of the world information network as have an opportunity not coming off from the affairs is developed and started in action to receive qualitative and tasty food from ANADOLU.

Owing to all to this ANADOLU was, is and remains the leader in the area, and by the right ranks as the name two major for each person of concept - HEALTH and SUCCESS!!!

We consider as the duty to serve you quickly and qualitatively. You would not be in what point of city, your order will be delivered to you in the shortest terms! Specify on a card of city your site, and you find out, your order will arrive to what time to you.

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