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  • AZ 1009, 44/46, B. Majidov str.
    Tel.:  (99412) 596 17 12, 596 17 13, 596 17 14
    Fax:  (99412) 596 17 14
    Моb.: (99450) 532 12 22
    E-mail: info@indigo.az
    Web: www.indigo.az

Indigo is one of the big printing companies in Azerbaijan.

The company works from 2001 year. During these years the company held to the principal of free business undertakings, competing honestly, observing the legislation- legal regulations of Azerbaijan Republic and moral principles of Azerbaijan society. Indigo is the leader in the sphere f printing services in its region and during last years widening its borders held significant place both in Azerbaijan and also in foreign printing markets. The company has unique, efficient printing equipments and qualified staff rendering all services such as producing all kinds of printing products of any color, format, volume and edition. Activity of the company holds the great spectrum of work- from the working out of creation conception of the original design to the high qualified printing production (from the visit card to the high qualified publication). In the company mastered many technical processes that are used in modern polygraph during producing printing product such as numerical and traditional offset printing, icon-printing. Besides it for fulfilling special types of printing work, there works stencil and tampon printing machines.

We can add here a whole complex of decorating works. It is complete and selection lacquering, lamination, figured cutting, creasing, numeration, perforation and many others. Our practice helps us master new spheres of activity and we don’t think to stop.

The company Indigo not only works stabile and steady in the market of printing services, but also grows in its production and economic activities. In the company we give attention to save and to raise the level of qualification of our professional personnel. Thanks to well think out personnel policy in our company fluidity of skilled workers, leaders of subdivisions and specialists is absent.

In the company Indigo work more than seventy high skilled specialists-managers, designers, printers and service engineers passed probation period in the countries of CIS and Europe. The collective of professionals working in the company, guarantee to make the custom of any difficulty in the highest quality.

The company passes constant technical re-equipment: the company obtains new, more modern equipments, master new technologies. For realizing design plan, it is used the most modern printing equipments of well-known producers INDIGO, KBA, ADAST, RYOBY, SCREEN and the high qualified expenditure materials of Germany, Switzerland, England, Italy and other countries. Only combination of new technologies, modern equipment and program securing let us correspond to the demand of modern market.

Today Indigo directs its creative and production potential for making new types of printing product. The motto choosing our company “Client is always right” becomes actually day by day.

It develops fruitful cooperating with constant clients who we thank for the backing and trust. We’ll always be happy to meet new consumers of our product who can appraise the quality of our work, including in it, the desire to hold in worthy level its professionalism and to save creative approach to the work.

Indigo offers flexible system of rebate and perspective work for all producers and constant clients.

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