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"T&M Global" LLC
  T&M Global is a young and dynamically developing company, which successfully operates in the real estate market of Azerbaijan. 
   T& M Global was incorporated in Baku, in October 1999. The principal business in the early years till 2002 was the leasing of apartments, houses, offices, etc. Our constantly growing data base of houses and apartments can satisfy even the most exacting taste. But we do not forget about renting commercial real estate, after all it is a quickly developing sector of the market in the modern world, with the renting of office premises developing quickly. We try to answer the changing enquiries of our clients as well as changing market conditions. We have experts in the field of real estate working exclusively on our team. Currently, T&M GLOBAL MMC holds the reputation of being a reliable and stable participant in the real estate market in Azerbaijan. 
   T&M GLOBAL MMC also successfully works in the available housing market, not only in the territory of Baku, but also all across Azerbaijan. We represent interests of both tenants, and landlords. We provide services in the areas of the preparation of documents connected with rental contracts, timely transfer of taxes, timely payment of utilities, inventory, etc. 
   The concept of the development of our company makes the priorities of its activity to include the establishment and advancement of high quality standards of realtor services. We are distinguished by a professional and systematic approach to our work. We use modern methods in business dealings with constant control over the quality of our services. We love our business and we do it well. 
   Investment of time, energy and money allows T&M Global to ensure the right service at the right price. The company believes in a high security policy for all its clients and promotes both the safest and most advanced practices in all actions relating to the company. 
   In spite of the fact that the basic direction of our activity is the renting of residential and commercial real estate, we also develop other fields of activity. Thanks to the professional approach we use in our real estate dealings, many clients have also been interested in the cleaning services we provide of the premises. Therefore, since 2002, we offer services in the area of cleaning. 
   The professional cleaning of premises is a field of activity in which we have achieved indisputable successes. This is due to not only the professionalism of our employees, but the high quality, ecological cleaning products and equipment which we use for both dry and damp cleaning of the premises. The clean and orderly way we have business dealings with our clients often relates to the cleanliness and tidiness of the premises. 
   In time, market necessity moved us to expand our cleaning services to the cleaning of apartments. Today, the cleaning of apartments has become a science that includes the care of all varieties of expensive surfaces met on premises as well as the use of modern home appliances. The cleaning of the premises by a professional cleaning company offers a different level of quality cleaning and hygiene. 
   Today, architects often design striking glass buildings in modern building styles. However, this kind of design also means that the glass facades of such buildings can be extremely difficult to access for cleaning and maintenance. The ideal solution for this kind of problem can be found in the convenient PURAQLEEN ® system our company uses for such purposes. 
   The application of this system for washing facades of buildings, covered pedestrian crossings and bridges, public transportation stops, automobile filter screens, railways, and advertising signboards allows for increased work productivity. It also cuts down expenses due to not using expensive elevating equipment (automobile hoists, lifts, etc.) and industrial window washers. 
   In time, our company began to offer maintenance service of apartments and offices. This includes plumbing repairs, home appliances repair and installation, electric installation, moving of furniture and repair, and other repair work on the house. Any of our skilled workmen will bring with him all the necessary tools and his wide array of knowledge and experience to complete the job quickly and professionally. Our experts maintain strict control over all stages of work in progress. Whether it be a large company or a private client, one can always receive a complete range of modern services.

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