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    The company Camex, started its activity based on the license issued by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan Republic in 14.03.2012.

    Having a strong technical base and staff potential gives an opportunity  to "Camex" to work in the regions of Baku and Ganja.

    CAMEX offers quickly and safely air transportation of packages, oversized and heavy shipmnets from the USA, Dubai, Germany, China and Turkey.

    Along with the air transportation of large commercial cargoes, CAMEX also offers to consumers the delivery of goods purchased from online stores in the USA, Dubai, China, Germany and Turkey.
    Through our warehouses located abroad, you can buy all kinds of goods, which online shops refuse to send to Azerbaijan. After receiving the parcels to our warehouses in the United States, Dubai, Germany and Turkey, they will be delivered to the office in Baku for 7-10 days. Any shipment  is received to the recipient accurately and in an operative way.
     No Information about the origin and destination of items is provided to third person.

    During the functioning in the market Camex has become the irreplaceable partner of many reputable companies and organizations. We achieved this not only through economic effectiveness and reliability of our carriage and delivery service, but also through special careful approach to each customer and maximally taking into the consideration business interests of the customer. We offer the most advantageous terms – low prices and high quality service for cooperation. 
    Our customers are private and state enterprises dealing with small, middle and large business and we are proud of it.
    Our aim is to assist people in saving their time, and to relieve their lives and labour  by carrying and delivering to the address their any postal courier items referring to their business or private life. We  achieve all these through our efforts:

    • High level service, high reliability of delivery, guarantee of full and faultless delivery of parcels;
    • cost-effective and favorable prices;
    • high culture of communication with customers, individual approach;
    • professional staff;
    • fast delivery, easy and convenient payment and tracking systems, technical support;
    • delivery of goods, which online shops refuse to send to Azerbaijan;
    • permanent increase of service quality;
    • permanent increase of personnel professionalism and interests with the results of their labour.

    Mostly, your success in business depends on the speed delivery of important documents or consignments. Correct selection of courier service operator sometimes defines effectiveness and profit in business.



    Dear customers,

    The company Camex Azerbaijan, hurry to please you with the opening of the first regional representation! Now our compatriots living in Ganja and nearby areas will be able to use a quick and least expensive service of the company Camex Azerbaijan, during online shopping.We ask new subscribers of the regions Ganja, Goygol, Dashkesan, Shamkir, Goranboy, Samukh to contact to our regional office in Ganja, for getting information on registration, rules of purchase and sale, receiving procedures and etc. More information can be found on the official website camex.az.

    Regional office address in Ganja:
    Ganja, Narimanov street, Building 35, Apt. 3 (near the supermarket "Bazarstore")
    Тел.: (022) 267 03 05;
    GSM: (070) 267 03 05
    E-mail: ganja@camex.az

    Border regions:
    1. Goygol,
    2. Dashkesan,
    3. Shamkir,
    4. Goranboy,
    5. Samukh.

    Forbidden goods for transportation

    Dear customers,
    Dear customers, Transportation of below shown things by the postal service is prohibited. In case of ordering the following items, they will be returned to the online stores by warehouse employees abroad (USA, UAE, China).
    Please, be attentive in the implementation of the order.

    • Dangerous goods and materials (containing explosive and flammable liquids, substances and gasses );
    • Perfumes (except Dubai);
    • Firearms;
    • Cold weapons;
    • Live animals;
    • Money and items that can be the subject of bargaining;
    • Perishable items;
    • Plants;
    • Seeds;
    • The equipment for special purposes, prohibited in Azerbaijan (listening devices and other spy equipments);
    • Portable radios;
    • Hidden cameras;
    • Different kinds of batteries;
    • Accumulators;
    • Scooter Hover Board (Transportation of scooter is possible only through the registration as "dangerous goods", because there is an accumulator inside it.)

    Note: Before making an order of goods containing liquid, please contact us.

    Parcels recived to the U.S.A warehouse during the week, are sent to the New-York airport,on Friday at 17:00 pm.

    Non-working days in Amerika warehouse: Saturday,Sunday
    The company is responsible for goods from the date of the arrival at the foreign warehouses and until their delivery to the consumer.
    It’s impossible to return goods to the online shop, after delivering it to our warehouse.

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