08 iyul 2020

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 ACTIVE GROUP is the official distributor of Robert Bosch GmbH in Azerbaijan.

The biggest share in the range of the goods of ACTIVE GROUP firm is occupied by production Robert Bosch GmbH (Robert Bosh). It is natural, as Bosch makes practically all types of spare parts for any equipment with internal combustion engines. Many positions are exclusive and for the first time appeared at this producer. High quality and the debugged system of guarantee support provide popularity of production of Bosch.

ACTIVE GROUP offers the diagnostic equipment of Bosch.

In the range: stands and devices for system and motor diagnostics, the equipment for repair of diesel fuel equipment and many other things.

Development plans

In firm plans development and optimization of a network of retail shops in Azerbaijan. In July of the 2009th year the new shop in the automobile market Badamdar opened.

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